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Petrology and Mineralogy Research Group


Petrology and Mineralogy Research Group        

  Group Leader : Prof. Dr. Azman A. Ghani 
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  Room No : 32 4A (Main Building)


1. Dr. Jasmi Hafiz Abdul Aziz     

2. Dr. Nur Iskandar Taib     

3. Dr. Ng Tham Fatt 

4. Dr. Quek Long Xiang

5. Dr. Muhammad Hatta Roselee


1. Dr. Khin Zaw (CODES, University of Tasmania) 

2. Dr. Yu Ming Lai (National Taiwan Normal University)                                                                                                                                             

3. Dr. Mohd Rozi Umor (UKM)                                                                                                                                                                                           

4. Prof. Sun Ling Chung (National Taiwan University)

Research Direction                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Almost half of Peninsular Malaysia is covered with suboutcropping plutonic, volcanic and metamorphic rocks. The plutonic rocks are mainly granitic, in the form of an Eastern and Western Belt, that forms part of the Southeast Asian Tin Belt that extends from Myanmar through Thailand and down to the Tin Islands of Indonesia. Majority of volcanic rocks are found scattered in the Central belt as lava flows and pyroclastic rocks mainly of basaltic, rhyolitic and andesitic composition. Metamorphic rocks, some in the form of high-grade metamorphic complexes, are intimately associated with the plutons. Research will concentrate on the characterization of these plutons, volcanic rocks, associated metamorphic complexes and associated metamorphic rocks in particular their ages, geochemistry, and related tectonics: studying them in detail with the aid of the department’s XRD, XRF and other equipment.

Research Areas                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

   Characterisation of the plutons    in the Main Range Granite Province, the Central Plutonic Province and the Eastern Belt in particular their S- and I-type characteristics, geochemistry, age, textures and mineralogy.     

 •  Detailed studies of the igneous complexes, like the Gunung Benom Plutonic Complex, the Stong Complex, the Perhentian Kecil Syenite and other Cretaceous plutonic rocks, like the Batang Melaka, Gunung Ledang, Gunung Pulai and the Pulau Tioman  granites.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

  Study in detail the volcanic rocks Peninsular Malaysia, including their age, petrology, geochemistry and petrogenesis.                         

•  Study of high grade metamorphic complexes like the Stong Migmatite Complex, the Taku Schist, the Gunung Jerai Dome, the Gunung Ledang Aureole in terms of age, rock types, metamorphic facies, and in particular the granitiod-metamorphic rock relationship         

Petrology and Mineralogy Research Group

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