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Geohydrology and Environment Research Group

  Group Leader : Prof. Dr. Ismail Yusoff
  03-7967 4141
  Room No : 32 4B (Main Building)

Members & Collaborators   

 1. Chemical Engineering Department, University of Malaya
 2. Civil Engineering Department, University of Malaya
 3. National Hydraulic Research Institute Malaysia (NAHRIM)
 4. Chemistry Department University of Malaya
 5. Tasik Chini Research Centre, National University of Malaysia
 6. Nuclear Malaysia
 7. Queen University of Belfast
 8. Physics Department, University of Malaya
 9. Third Institute of Oceanography, Xiamen, China

Research Direction                                                                                                                                                                                                            The mission of our research group is to produce educational knowledge, to explore sustainable resources and to increase the awareness of hydrogeo-environment and its resources. Our group would like to disseminate hydro-geological knowledge through valuable publications and researches and to produce outstanding researchers for nation capacity’s building. As part of environmentalist, we discuss on how to enhance the current social issues on environment and sustainable resource exploitation for a better future.

Research Areas       

1. Hydrology and Environmental Sciences
2. Hydrogeology
3. Groundwater Modelling
4. Multiphase Flow
5. Performance and Risk Assessment
6. Recharge
7.  Rivers, Estuaries and Coastal Waters
8.  Vadose Zone
9.  Water Resource Management
10. Watersheds

Research Projects                          

1. Development and Field Testing of Rotating Biological Contactor System (RBCs) for Treatment of  Mining Wastewater         

2. Chemical Speciation, Bioavailability and Remediation of Cesium (137Cs) in the Aquatic Environments     

3. Soil Hydrology and the Stability of the Slope                         

4. Improvement In Gis Based Drastic Method Using Analytic Hierarchy Process (Study Area In Western Coastal  Aceh)   

5. Research Program-Protection of Drinking Water for Society: Source     

6. Heavy metal investigation in groundwater aquifer system, North Kelantan     

7. A Study of Physical Properties of the Modified Montmorillonite Clay Minerals Found in Malaysia for Application in Filler Technology     

8. Agricultural Non Point Source Pollution And Impact On Reservoir Sedimentation And Water Quality       

9. High Impact Research Grant MOHE-UM: Molecular Devices for Nanoscales Applications                       

10. Hydrogeology, Groundwater modelling, soil attenuation and contaminant flow and transport at a specific dumpsite area

1.  Microwave Digestion Assembly
2.  Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry (ICP-OES)
3.  Ion Chromatography
4.  Hydro lab Multiparameter Analyser
5.  Water & Sediment Sampler

Research Accomplishments and Findings                                                                                                                                                                  We managed to develop the conceptual and numerical model for the interaction between ex-mining lake and groundwater system. The speciation of metals in the unsaturated zone in the vicinity of the landfill area is also well understood. The target is now to model the contaminant transport in the open flow channel as well as within the soil layer. The understanding of the soil sorption will be enhanced by the research findings. 

Group Members   

1. Associate Prof. Dr. Ahmad Farid Abu Bakar

2. Dr. Mohd Talha Anees

Research Team   

1. Nur Hayati Hussin
2. Azalea Binti Kamalia
3. Rizwana Naureen
4. Ayesha Masood Khan
5. Shanaz Jahan
6. Fatimah Az Zahra Abdul Hamid
7. Adamu Usman
8. Abdul Rasheed Olaniyan

Selected Research Publication 2014-2016

1.  Ahmad Farid Abu Bakar, Ismail Yusoff, Ng Tham Fatt and Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf (2014). Cumulative impacts of dissolved ionic metals on the chemical characteristics of river water affected by alkaline mine drainage from the Kuala Lipis gold mine, Pahang, Malaysia. Chemistry and Ecology. Online First DOI:10.1080/02757540.2014.950569

2.  Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf, Muhammad abdur Rehman, Mohd. Jamil Maah, Ismail Yusoff (2013) Cesium-137: Radio- chemistry, Fate and Transport, Remediation and Future Concerns. Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology, Online first DOI: 10.1080/10643389.2013.790753

3.  Ashraf, M. A., Yusoff, I., Yusof, I. and Alias, Y. (2013). Study of contaminant transport at an open tipping waste disposal site. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. (DOI) 10.1007/s11356-012-1423-x. 

4.  Nur Hayati Hussin, Ismail Yusoff, Yatimah Alias, Sharifah Mohamad, Nurul Yani Rahim, Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf (2013) Ionic liquid as a medium to remove iron and other metal ions: a case study of the North Kelantan Aquifer, Malaysia. Environmental Earth Sciences, Online first DOI: 007/s12665-013-2615-5

5.  Ahmad Farid Abu Bakar, Ismail Yusoff, Ng Tham Fatt, Faridah Othman and Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf (2013) Arsenic, Zinc, and Aluminium Removal from Gold Mine Wastewater Effluents and Accumulation by Submerged Aquatic Plants (Cabomba piauhyensis,Egeria densa, and Hydrilla verticillata). BioMed Research International Volume 2013 (2013), Article ID 890803, 7 pages http://dx.doi.org/10.1155/2013/890803

6.  Mahmoud Khaki, Ismail Yusoff, Nur Islami, 2014, Groundwater quality assessment of a fresh water wetland in the Selangor (Malaysia) using electrical resistivity and chemical analysis, Water Science and Technology: Water Supply, 14;2, 255-264

7.  Mahmoud Khaki, Ismail Yusoff, Nur Islami, 2014, Electrical resistivity imaging and hydrochemical analysis for groundwater investigation in Kuala Langat, Malaysia, Hydrological Sciences Journal

8.  Saghravani, S.R., Yusoff, I., Wan Md Tahir, W.Z., & Othman, Z. (2014). Comparison of water table fluctuation and chloride mass balance methods for recharge estimation in a tropical rainforest climate: a case study from Kelantan River catchment, Malaysia. Environ Earth Sci, DOI 10.1007/s12665-014- 3727-2

9.  Mahmoud Khaki, Ismail Yusoff, Nur Islami, 2014, Application of the artificial neural network and neuro fuzzy system for assessment of groundwater quality, CLEAN - Soil, Air, Water Journal

 Research Output   

 Ongoing : 6 PhD, 4 MSc,     

 Graduated: 3 PhD, 2 MSc, 20 final year students

Last Update: 06/09/2023