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    Room No: GB 214 (New Building)


  1. Prof. Dr Ismail Yusoff
  2. Dr Ros Fatihah Muhammad
  3. Dr Hijaz Kamal Hasnan
  4. Pn. Elanni Afandi


  1. Dr. Nurfashareena Binti Muhamad, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  2. Dr. Vanessa Banks - British Geological Survey
  3. Mr. Qalam A'zad Bin Rosle, Department of Mineral and Geoscience Malaysia   

Research direction      

Geotechnical properties of the earth materials of Malaysia are characterized for effective and economic earth works for development purposes and optimal use of rocks as construction aggregates. Research involves field investigation and sampling of earth materials and the laboratory determinations of their physical, mineralogical and mechanical properties. The research group is also working on the assessment of geological hazards such as landslides, floods and sinkholes, and discontinuity surveys of rock slopes using LiDAR.

 Research Areas  

  1. Geotechnical properties of earth materials in Malaysia
  2. Stability of natural slopes and slope cuts in Malaysia
  3. Geological hazards
  4. Urban Geology

Research Accomplishments and Findings

Earth materials in different parts of Malaysia have been defined and characterized in terms of their morphological features and geotechnical properties, allowing for their classification in terms of excavability. Slope failures at several sites in Malaysia have been investigated, allowing an understanding of the causes of failures and the recommendation of appropriate remedial measures. Peat deposits in Kota Samarahan have been mapped, characterized and classified. The strength of the peat can be improved through stabilization using Portland cement and fillers

Research Output:

A.  Ongoing Ph.D.:

  1. Elanni Afandi: Urban Geology of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

B.  Completed Ph.D.:

  1. Mohammadreza Gharibreza:  Sedimentation rates in Bera Lake and soil redistribution at its catchment using radioisotopes.
  1. Mohamad Tarmizi Mohamad Zulkifley: Occurrence and geotechnical engineering properties of peat and soft soils (and stabilized peat and soft soils) in the Kota Samarahan Area, West Sarawak.
  1. Nkpadobi Johnbosco Ikenna: Geotechnical properties of meta-sedimentary bedrock and the stability of cut slopes along the Pos Selim Highway in Perak State, Malaysia.
  1. Wong Mum Keng: Genomic study of soils derived from sedimentary rocks in Malaysia

C. Completed M.Sc.:

  1. Marelyn Telun Daniel: Landslide Susceptibility Assessment of Canada Hill, Miri, Sarawak.

D. Publications:

  1. Daniel, M.T., Ng, T.F., Abdul Kadir, M.F., Pereira, J.J. (2021) Landslide susceptibility modelling using a hybrid bivariate statistical and expert consultation approach in Canada Hill, Sarawak, Malaysia. Frontiers in Earth Science, 9:616225.
  1. Wong, K.M., Paramananthan S., Ng, T.F., Hassan, M.H.A., Ranst, E.V. & Inubushi, K. (2020) Impact of agricultural land use on physicochemical properties of soils derived from sedimentary rocks in Malaysia. Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 66(1), 214-224.
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  1. Wong, K.M. Paramananthan, S., Ng T.F., Amir Hassan, M.H., (2020). Characterization and genesis of soils derived from sedimentary rocks in the Crocker Formation, Sabah, Malaysia. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia, 69, 125-13
  1. Banks, V.J., Affandi, E., Ng, T.F., Ramli, Z., Ahmad, F., Pereira, J., Reeves, H., 2020. Sinkhole Susceptibility Mapping in the Kuala Lumpur and the Need for a Buried Karst Database. Proceedings of the 16th Sinkhole Conference, 336 – 343.
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  1. Madhat F.A., Ismail Yusoff, Ng T.F., Maity, J.P., Alias, Y., Raksmey, M., Alborshg, H. (2019) A study on the impact of anthropogenic and geogenic factors on groundwater salinization and seawater intrusion in Gaza coastal aquifer, Palestine: An integrated multi-techniques approach. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 156, 75-93

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