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Particle Size Analyzer


Particle Size Analyzer-HydroMU


Instrument information :

Brand : Malvern Panalytical

Model : Mastersizer 2000

Brief description:  Particle size analyzer used to characterise the size distribution of particle in a given sample. Mastersizer 2000 use laser diffraction tecnology to measure particle size in wet and dry samples. It measure particle  in the size range  0.2μm to 2000μm with no change  to optical set-up.

Location: Makmal Sinaran-X,301,Aras 1,Bangunan Utama (J22),Jabatan Geologi

Person in-charge

Supervisor: Dr Nur Iskandar  Taib

Asst. Science Officer: Miss. Nurfasyarina Azureen  (03-7967 4031)

Sample requirement : Powder / Liquid

Service Charge :  

  • Lab Handling : RM 50 Per Service
  • Any enquiry please contact Miss Fasya  (fasyarina@um.edu.my)


Charge Rate (Per Sample)

Department  Geology

(BSc Student)

Other Department (BSc Student)

Other Department (Postgraduate)

Particle Size Analyzer


RM 30

RM 50


Last Updated: 11/03/2019