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AAPG 2018/2019


                                              AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF PETROLEUM GEOLOGISTS (AAPG)                                       


American Association of Petroleum Geologists - University of Malaya - Student Chapter (AAPG UM SC) is part of an international organization called AAPG; the world’s largest professional geological society that is based in the United States. Our student chapter is a non-profit organization that provides a platform for students in University of Malaya to develop their skills and knowledge about the oil and gas industry. It was established in the Department of Geology in March 2003 under the patronage of Dr. Nur Iskandar Taib. The student chapter is under supervision of Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM), the main Geological Organization in Malaysia. The current faculty advisor is Dr. Meor Hakif Amir Hassan. This organization is led by the President, Wahid Muhammad and Vice President, Nurameera Nadia binti Khairil Azhar.

This year, our Vision is To establish AAPG UM SC as a productive organization through a solid team, constructive work programs and collaboration with professionals in oil and gas industry in order to develop its members to face global challenges’

Mission :

  • Providing a pleasant environment to form a dedicated team that maintains solidarity, trust and professionalism among members
  • Enhance members’ knowledge and personal development through constructive work programs and preparation regarding oil and gas industry
  • Build and expand a supportive relationship through coordination with AAPG Malaysia as well as collaboration with other related organizations
  • Ensure members’ development and satisfaction through AAPG UM SC

Our six core values are Dedication, Integrity, Productive, Growth, Competence, Collaboration and our Motto is #DedicatedForGrowth.

Furthermore, there are over 100 active student members and 26 official committee members in this chapter, which encompasses undergraduate and postgraduate students. We realize that students should get more exposures besides studying in the class as the foundation to deliver a high quality experiences. Therefore, AAPG UM student chapter has always been carrying out many events throughout each academic year such as field trips, technical talks, career talks, oil & gas forums, and software workshops with topics related to oil & gas industry. We also foster the students with soft skill enhancement such as public speaking and self-branding workshops. Not only that, we usually collaborate with Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM), Kelab Geology University of Malaya (KAGUM), Science Society University of Malaya (SCIENCESOC) in order to create a bigger program so it would be more impactful. In fact, AAPG UM student chapter is supporting the self-development of all geology students in University of Malaya by providing constructive work programs.

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